What Kind of Projects are within DD&M'S Scope?

  • Comprehensive Ad Campaigns
  • Social Media Content
  • Digital Marketing Campaigns
  • Blog Writing
  • Electronic Publishing
  • Website Design & Development
  • Marketing Materials
  • Print Collateral Brochures
  • Annual Reports Catalog
  • Periodicals / Magazines / Newsletters
  • Book and Booklet Cover Design Advertisement
  • Print Ads
  • Pocket Folders
  • Flyers/Inserts
  • Branding or Corporate Identity Packages
  • Logo Design/Business Cards/Letterhead
  • Direct Mail / Postcards / Business Reply Mail
  • Trade Show Booth Displays Backlit Signage
  • Billboards / Vehicle Wraps
  • Marketing Survey

Why is Graphic Design a Vital Element in the Overall Marketing Plan?

Your advertising, marketing and communications materials speak volumes about your company. What are your current materials saying? A professionally designed and written piece conveys that your company is not only professional, progressive and growth-oriented, but also that they pay attention to detail, care about presentation, and have the extra edge to get ahead in a competitive business environment. A sloppily designed or worded piece will often times convey that your company does not have adequate planning, integrity, or vision. It may also says that you think you need to cut corners on cost because you are financially unwilling to make the much-needed investment in marketing.

Why is it necessary to advertise?

Simply put, in order to compete, you must be sure that your message is communicated succinctly and professionally. The competitive edge is often the positive perception that you create in the consumer’s mind. What separates you from your competition? Sometimes this is a tangible difference, and sometimes it is intangible. For example, if your business is a retail store and you offer specific products that your competition does not, that is a tangible difference. The benefit in this may be that you can provide “one-stop shopping” or one less stop for mom to make with a minivan of kids in the back. Quite an advantage if your target demographic is working moms. A really good example of marketing the intangible at its finest could be Coke versus Dr. Pepper. Lets face it. They are both carbonated beverages with lots of sugar, but how they are perceived in the public eye is different, because they are marketed very differently. At Douglas Graphic Design, we’ll listen to your marketing goals and tailor your visuals to meet your needs. Beauty is nice, but in marketing, if the phone doesn’t ring, beauty alone is not selling your product.

What are the Three Basic Elements of Successful Marketing?

You must have a 1. Strong Message (copy) 2. A Compelling Visual (graphics) and 3. A Clear Call To Action. Of course, a comprehensive marketing plan should accompany these things, and we can help with that too!

What Comes First, Design or Copy?

It’s a great deal like the chicken and the egg dilemma. Ideally, the creative concept of copy and design happen simultaneously. Usually the concept is conveyed through the copy first. However, flexibility is really the name of the game. We will work within your parameters. We can design without knowing the copy content if needed. We only ask that we know an estimate of approximate amount of copy so the design will be able to accommodate it and still remain attractive.

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