Our Marketing Communications & Advertising Services

The Right Experience
At Douglas Design & Marketing, we enjoy handling the entire creative process from concept through to completion. With a thorough understanding of branding and campaign planning, we eliminate the headache of your having to devise and orchestrate a marketing plan that is strong, cohesive and effective.

The Right Price
Because we are a small agency, we are able to keep our prices low.. and offer very personal service and quick response times. Whether your organization is large or small, we will be able to work within your budget and fulfill your marketing needs.

A Wide Scope of Capabilities
Our full-service marketing capabilities include award-winning creative concepts, branding, collateral materials, advertising campaigns, media planning and placement, trade show displays, website and commerce design/development, social media and much more. We take a fresh, out-of-the-box approach to communication, and add depth to your brand, creating a unique look and feel to all of your marketing communications, as well as social media. We will set you apart from your competition and put you on the path to continued growth and success. With a professional approach and can-do attitude, you will never have to worry about troubleshooting any new obstacles your organization may encounter. That’s why we are here… to provide solutions to all of your organization’s marketing challenges.

Our Services


Healthcare Marketing

We are passionate about quality healthcare and specialize in communications that centers around senior care, including assisted living, memory care and dementia care education.


Douglas Design & Marketing knows that your target audience needs to know what really sets your organization apart from the competition. An impactful, well-defined brand can make a significant in how your company will be perceived in the marketplace. Allow us to create this image for you… with powerful imagery and a compelling message which result in a call-to-action that will generate results.

Web Design

Douglas Design & Marketing knows that your online presence is an invaluable tool in marketing your organization. Allow us to create this online presence for you… with an easily navigable and user-friendly site that will combine powerful imagery and a compelling message which result generating results that will increase your bottom line. Combining your online presence in tandem with a strong e-commerce marketing communications campaign can create powerful results.


Douglas Design & Marketing knows that your message is best communicated to a specific target audience. That may be trade publications, consumer magazines, or business periodicals. In any case, you need to express what sets your organization apart from the competition and ensure that this message is communicated to YOUR audience. Allow us to assist you with creating and placing your advertising in the most advantageous and strategic publications.

Print Collateral

Douglas Design & Marketing can assist you in creating striking and powerfully worded print collateral that you can put in the hands of your ideal customers. Having a printed piece provides a tactile experience which allows your audience to “connect” with your organization and review it at his/ her leisure.


Stay in touch with your customers by providing timely content in newsletter or magazine form. These can also act as vehicles for your promotions.

Displays and Signage

Make an impression with large format graphics and signage. These offer impact that ties in your branding.

Packaging & Promo Items

Packaging & Promo Items Present your product three dimensionally and make your brand stand out!